Is SSH tunnels on Dreamhost VPS allowed by ToS?

According to This Topic, You don’t allow us to use SSH as tunnels on Dreamhost Web Hosting.

But VPS is another thing, could I use your VPS Hosting as SSH tunnel or VPN server?

My guess is no.

But I’ll suggest you to ask DH support for correct answers.

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Use ssh tunnel easy, get it from
Ssh Tunnel Easy is an innovative ssh tunneling software, it can make an encrypted ssh tunnel between your machine and ssh server host, then tunnel your program TCP connection automatically through this encrypted tunnel to data forwarded. It help you surf securely in the internet.

Main features
All in One
A simple all in one solution, you do not need a complex sockscap/firefox + autoproxy + myentunnel + putty combination, and only a few mouse click, all config completed. Auto reconnect, support https proxy and NTLM authentication.

Multi channel load balancing
Under normal circumstances, because the SSH server is limiting the number of simultaneous connections, if you have too much TCP concurrent connections in one tunnel, may be cause your SSH tunnel freeze. Therefore, Ssh Tunnel Easy use similar to IE’s LCIE (Loosely-Coupled IE) multi-channel load-balancing technology to improve it. In other words, Ssh Tunnel Easy will automatically create multiple ssh tunnel, then your browser’s tcp connections will automatically be distributed to each ssh channel average, so that each channel ssh connections will not be too much, solve this problem perfect, and it can also significantly speed up your browsing speed.

Keep in mind that DreamHost sells web (and email) hosting. Granted, VPS is your own little world where they give you a lot of flexibility, but if your activity doesn’t support your website, it’s questionable. As someone said, you’d need to get the official answer from Support.