Is safe to Delete all these?


My site got infected by malware. Support group via email seemed not had REMOVED the malware/virus. and so I tried to delete everything except these -->

question is, is it safe to delete all that? so i can start again. and will it remove the malware?? or is it server side?

P.S our site btw is quickseorankings .com. Let me know if it says malware detection on your end. Coz in my end, all my browsers says it.



Yes your site displays a malware warning for me.

The malware probably infected your site due to insecure plugin or theme, you must find the door and close it, if you jsut put your site back as it was, it will most likely get repeated. Here’s an article you should read:

And if your site is based in wordpress, this one too:


Still see a malware warning here.

My site got hacked a couple years ago via some forum software I installed with a one click from DH. I forgot about it and didn’t keep up with required upgrades and a vulnerability was exploited. Got some pretty cool Russian porn though.


Google’s malware warnings are not based on a realtime scan of the site; they’re based on what Google saw when they last crawled your site. As a result, cleaning your site up won’t make the warnings disappear immediately — you can request that Google rescan your site using the Google Webmaster Tools.

It looks as though your site is currently empty, so a rescan should clear the warning.


Thank you so much andrew. You are absolutely right spot on. I believe what you just said. So i guess I have to reup my site now.

Thank you too guys for you input. and for the link, that was an informative one…