Is "Remap Sub Dir" in the panel a 301?

I need to redirect my /test/ sub-directory to the main root directory of

Will the “Remap Sub Dir” in the web panel do it as a 301? If not, how, in simplest terms, should I do that? I’ve never made an htacess file before so I’d need some real “for Dummies” help with that.



Remap is for hooking someone else’s directory into your website.

Try changing your web directory in the panel under Domains -> Manage Domains and edit your Fully Hosted domain ( so that it’s using /home/USER/


That doesn’t sound right to me.

I want users heading to and
to be re-routed to

the /test/ sub-directory doesn’t even exist any more.


Now I get it. You are looking for a 301 redirect. I know this comes up from time to time. sXi is pretty good with these, but try adding this line to .htaccess in your main domain directory:
Redirect 301 /sub /


What Scott said is correct, remapping isn’t the solution you’re looking for.

In’s .htaccess:

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Something weird is happening now.

Check out

The .htaccess now redirects that to www.fimel.orgperformances.html



My two guesses would be to take the trailing slash off of /test/ or add a trailing slash to in the redirect statement.

EDIT: As I think about this, is there a Or did you want any requests to /test get redirected to the main site’s index page?


worked! Thank you!

Should I do a resubmission now that these issues are dealt with?


What do you mean by resubmission? If you filed a Support request, you can cancel the request.


A google resubmission. Like so: