Is posting via forms to database limited with PHP?

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I am newish to PHP and am working on a website where the admin will be able to update the pages via form fields.

I do connect to the db and the page data (text) is truncated after about 4-5 lines on the site. I can validate that the data is truncated in the table on the database.

I need help figuring this out.

<input style=“width: 450px” style=“width: 450px type=“text” name=“formInformation” maxlength=“2048” value=”<?=$varInformation;?>" />

Thanks for any advice…



I see two possibilities:

  1. What data type do you have set for this column in the database? Perhaps you’re hitting the limit of what it can store.

  2. I see “maxlength=2048” on the input field. How many characters are you getting in before the text is truncated?


Thanks for the response!

The field type is ‘TEXT’. I know the ‘TEXT’ field can hold the data. I have had it inserted in there using phpMyAdmin. But it was when I was attempting to find the character limit at the truncation point is when I found I could insert much more data if it were just numbers, letters and spaces. So this lead me to finding a character that was causing this in the form. So every time I hit words like (we’ll or that’s) the apostrophe clued me in.

So how to deal with that in the PHP code is going to be a new lesson for me.

If you do have advice or know of an article on that I would welcome it, but also at this point I am thankful for your input that led me to this point! Later tonight I’ll hit this again!



Sounds like you’re probably interpolating the content of the input field directly into your SQL query. That’s dangerous — don’t do it. Here’s a quick rundown on how to effectively use PDO and parameterized queries to avoid this problem:


Thanks for the advice. I am working on it!