Is port 3306 opened for remote access to MySQL?

Is port 3306 opened for remote access to MySQL? I don’t want to use phpMyAdmin because page refreshes and a web interface is not in my taste.

Instead, I like to use desktop application because phpMyAdmin has yet to create a Rich Web 2.0 / Ajax / Adobe Flex web application. Until then, I’ll stick with desktop applications such as MySQL Query Browser or DBManager Professional.

If port 3306 is closed, is there an open port that members connect to their MySQL database from desktop applications?


Yep, port 3306 is open. By default connections are limited to being from “”, but you can change that via the DreamHost panel.

excellent! I assume I can either enter my temporary IP address or a dynamic dns.

Usually assumption is a bad thing, but in this case you are correct.
It’s noteworthy that DH allows both IP addresses and resolved names to be wildcarded with the percent sign, but one should exercise some caution and discretion in doing so, lest you find that some nasty person has gone and issued an SQL drop command on all of your tables from a remote source.
IOW, limit the wildcarding as much as possible and make sure username/password are not something that even Cap’n Obvious can pick up on.

Not quite. According to the Dreamhost tech I talked to today, “It does not perform a forward lookup on the allowed hosts, so a dynamic DNS hostname will not work here.” You can allow all remote access with “%.%.%.%” or limit it somewhat with something like “”.

If you are not sure what your reverse DNS lookup is, you can find out here or Google “reverse DNS lookup”.

How about using the remote MySQL connection secured with SSL? Is this possible with any of the offered hosting plans? Thanks!