Is phpBB3 available via one-click installation?



Is phpBB version 3 available via DreamHost one-click installation?

This thread:

(“phpBB3 One-Click update broken,” 2007-12-22 08:48, by sdayman) suggests that it is or was, but I
do not see any such option on the DreamHost panel, which still shows phpBB version 2.0.22.


It was, not anymore.

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If I install v3 in a traditional manner, will it likely be troublesome for me to switch to using DreamHost’s one-click upgrade path in the future?

I’d like to perform a new installation of phpBB, but I’d prefer not to start out with v2 now that there is a stable release of v3.


It isn’t up there as the jump is actually a major jump and they haven’t worked out how to do it easily yet.

Anyway, if you install it manually, you wont be using the One Click feature with it, and the manually installed forum will not be listed there.

Personally I’m just going to do my updated manually, as in the admin section it does inform me when updates are around. Also makes it easy to customize and fix.


hmmm… I guess so but upgrading it yourself is easy.

If you decide to go with the 2, pay attention not to enable html on posts, it can be a security threat and its completely out on version 3 (you can’t even enable it through ACP) and then, when you convert from one to another, you’ll end with all the html as text.

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You cannot One-Click upgrade a non-One-Click installation.

However, since I did the One-Click install of 3, I don’t know what will happen once they get it straightened out. From the behavior of 3, it seems it has a built-in update mechanism, but I won’t know for sure until an update actually comes out.



Is there any thoughts on when it might offered as a one click again?


I think “soon” or “never.” But I only base that upon doing my own upgrade manually. The catch is that I think the one-click upgrade process scans all the files and then updates only the appropriate ones.

Seeing how 3 is very different from 2, upgraders will have to accept the fact that any mods to 2 won’t transfer over to 3. DreamHost will either have to warn users about this when doing an upgrade, or not offer it.

The alternative would be to fork the One-Click for phpBB and start a new One-Click option for phpBB3.



I thought I might be something like that - thanks.