Is PHP or MySql is down right now?

Is PHP or MySql is down right now ??

don’t know why, but i’m trying to reach php pages wich makes request to a database in mysql, but it’s not working!!!

No, at least not for me. Is your connection information correct? Dreamhost might be sucking it up, again.

Or they could be doing what they did last Saturday night and bring the web services down so they could upgrade. Which is fine, as long as they tell you.

no warnings…

but i have not changed my code… so why it was working before and now no !

bad months for dreamhost with customer satisfaction i guess…

Is it just timing out?

Don’t forget to use…

<? echo mysql_error(); ?>

It’ll help your debugging.

My message board is down since yesterday too.
It’s happening a lot lately. :frowning:

Yep, I’m not very happy with Dreamhost right now.

I’m looking at switching to another host.

Seems to be decent.

BlueHost has actual phone support.

Anyone got any other ideas for a different host?

remember, it’s not mysql that could be down, but a server you are on. My servers running mysql are fine. which server is this happening on? if it is the same one, then dreamhost can easily fix.

I contacted support and got this reply.

[quote]The error you have seen usually occurs when there is a misconfiguration
between the server and the webservice and/or user. The server will
usually resolve the issue on its own, but if not, we need to do so
manually. It is a quick fix, so we do apologize for any delays.

If there is anything more we can help you with, please let us know and we
will be more than happy to accommodate!


My message board is still down.
All my sites are on “lilac”. Other sites are working fine but this one subdomain is down at the moment. MySQL server is called “natty”.

  • Unhappy Dreamhost customer :frowning: