Is outgoing mail server dead?

anyone else having problems sending mail? (this has nothing to do with my ISP blocking any ports)

all day the only way i have been able to send mail is to use my ISPs outgoing mail server. when i try to use i get error messages that say “450 server config problem” with outlook and “The server response was: Server configuration problem” with apple mail.

this is what the support page says:

4 mins 24 secs ago: Outage resolved: We believe the issue to be resolved.
3 hours 59 mins ago: Outage verified: We are actively looking into resolving it.
4 hours 5 mins ago: Outage first reported.

that’s bunk because it’s still not working… over 4 hours of downtime? seriously, this is getting out of hand.

anyone else not able to send mail?

Yes, it’s still broken.

They have an original posting on their status blog ( but no updates (as of this writing). These week in and week out problems are getting to be VERY annoying. I hope they get this crap fixed once and for all.

the status blog says it’s fixed, but it’s still broken here.

still broken here as well. :-/