Is one MX record enough?

Switching email to google apps works a treat, and hopefully reduces the load on Dreamhost a tiny bit.

I just wanted to check one thing, regarding changing the MX records:

google provides several sets of specific instructions that apply to particular webhosts; for Dreamhost, the instructions are at

Well, for all other webhosts, they tell you to set up several prioritized MX records; for Dreamhost, only one. Is this an oversight, or is a single MX record enough?

Redundancy is certainly a plus, but you’re probably better off handling it on your own, rather than rely on the host.

There are plenty of places that offer backup mail services, like DNSMadeEasy. You can get their service for around $15/year, which gives you an extra 3 records to add.

If your mail server goes down, they’ll collect your mail, then forward it back to your primary server when it’s back up.

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One MX is enough is the primary MX server is never down. :smiley:

Maybe Google is so sure that they are never down …

Well, the point is that for customers of hosts other than Dreamhost, google’s instructions advise you to set up multiple MX records - the first pointing to ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM and subsequent ones pointing to their alternate servers such as ALT1.ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM etc

whereas for Dreamhost they advise setting up only the first MX record.

Does anyone know if there’s an actual reason for this discrepancy, or is it just a glitch in their instructions?

I would guess a glitch in the documentation but if you really want to be sure then you should ask Google. It’s their service after all.

Most likely some copy-paste error if they advice all the other hosts to configure also secondary MX but not with DreamHost.

I always use the all 7, and never had any trouble.
When not adding them all, it was already happen that google would not enable email until I do.

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