Is my website safe for SOPA?

I’m actually kind of scared now. My site is purely a fansite which hosts screencaps/pictures of movies and tvshows. Most of them are all capped by own dvds/blurays. I don’t have any profit with it, only share the screencaps with people who makes fanart > tumblr, deviantart etc.

I have a feeling I’ll have to close my website.

Sounds like fair use to me, unless you have a screencap of every frame.

No website that hosts user generated content would be safe. Even purely informational sites could be taken. SOPA supposedly is just to take down non-US rogue sites but there is a bigger scheme behind it. I doubt it would take much to be labled a rogue. Once the government (who is in the pocket of the mafiaa) has the power to take down websites with impunity they will use it, foreign or not.

megaupload is down. :expressionless: But not from SOPA/PIPA and by the FBI :stuck_out_tongue:

…was used last week and was a site in vogue but now is dead forever.

*End of the world comes quickly and without wars, because people kill each other with their hands!

Even without SOPA, screen caps of copyrighted material are subject to the DMCA takedown process. Even if fair use can be successfully argued you could still face takedowns, and potential lawsuits, along with the associated legal costs to defend your fair use posture if you allow them on your site.

The problem with the fair use defense is having enough money to defend against a copyright holder’s lawsuit for infringement, so this is something you should consider. I hardly seems fair, but it is the current state of affairs with regard to re-publishing copyrighted images.