Is my site SSL or not?

I finally got my site switched over to Dream Host (numerous more to follow) and I set up SSL when setting up the site (I got an email saying the encryption would be installed in a few minutes)

But when I go to the site - - my browser (Firefox v 56.0.2) still shows the site is not secure.

Am I missing something here, or is my site still not SSL ?

After setting up SSL, you’ll find that a site is available under both HTTP and HTTPS. For example, your site is currently available on both:

To setup a redirect from from HTTP to HTTPS, you’ll need to add a redirect to your .htaccess file, as described in this FAQ below. It would be nice if this could be configured in the panel for simple sites (like www/no-www)…

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OK, thanks for the info.

At my other webhost I could do things like this thru cPanel but I don’t see how to do that here

I’m using Ipswitch WS_FTP Professional as my ftp program so I’ll have to see if there is anything about this in their help files.

OK, I’ve learned how to add an .htaccess file and how to edit / upload the edit of the .htaccess file… and the site is showing to be SSL. Thanks!

Great. You should also look into modifying all the forms on the site to target the secure URLs (or just use relative URLs). Currently, most browsers won’t display the lock symbol on form pages and will give security errors when submitted. For example:

Great thanks!

That answers my next question which was why my email forms quit working.

I just added and S in the .pl URL and they are working now…

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