Is my DNS correct?

I’ve recently moved to dreamhost from SBC shared hosting, and it’s taking an exceptionally long time for the DNS to propagate. Can someone verify that I have the DNS set properly?

On my domain name registrar, I have the name servers set to (and ns2, ns3).

If I go to my dreamhost admin panel, and go into DNS for my domain name, I have the following listed:

MX 10
ftp A
mail MX 10
www A

Our previous DNS was set up to allow for our internal mail server, so I know it has worked before. A test email from my gmail account does not show up in my inbox (it’s not be caught by any filter), but I am able to send out. If I reply to a message I send out, it does not get returned.

I think I am correct, because some of my users have received email from some hosts this morning, but the website is still not accessible, and not all email works.

Am I wrong?

Nevermind, it looks like DH made a mistake in my DNS request.