Is multiple DB's on 1 hostname possible?

How can I create multiple databases on the same host? I tried logging into phpMyAdmin and I get an error saying access denied. I tried running it straight from a php script, same error. I tried from the goodies --> MySQL section in the web admin panel same and I get an error saying I’m already using the hostname for a database.

So there basically saying every database requires it’s own hostname?
if not how can I get around this annoying little pest.

You are only allowed one Database per host name. You can use different prefixes, on the same dtabase. Or you can just set up more host names - you’re not limted there.

A search would have revealed this too.


On the suggestions tab there is an item to vote for multiple databases…
2004-07-12 Goodies - MySQL Allow multiple dbs on the same hostname (and also phpmyadmin URL).

I will be handy…

What is the point of having multiple databases? In all but the most power-intensive cases, one database (with multiple tables) should be sufficient, shouldn’t it?

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Well I have a blog aplication that doesn’t allow the use of prefixes on the stable branch… and one e-learning application that gives more scalability creating new databases… these two applications are running on my machine at work currently but at the end of year is very possible to change work… it would be nice to migrate them to DH… but to create 15+ diferent host, databases, users & passwords… only for the blog thing… is not my dream… also update these to the new version to support prefixes, is not a viable option as the new release is near… and a lot bug fixing is ahead… also call my lazy but I would prefer to have only 2 or 3 Database servers and could create diferent databases (fast!) than to go to the panel & create user, databases, host, pass & have to wait for the name to propagate…

my 2 cents

What is the point of having multiple databases?

That’s easy, multiple database-driven sites. You might want a separate database for each site, but a single login to the MySQL server so you can manage them all together. Having them all on a single hostname would make backing them up via cron simpler as well, because your script wouldn’t need to contain a user/pass/hostname for each individual database.

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