Is MailMan out of service now?


Is anyone getting error messages when trying to log in into MailMan web interface?

Some lists led me to “The requested URL could not be retrieved” error message. Others show me a “MailMan 2.1.5 bug” confusing message.



Dallas says “Mailman’s back up now.” :slight_smile:


There was a filesystem problem after the machine was rebooted earlier in the morning. It took awhile for the filesystem check to go through all the files on the drive.

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Is there any way to monitor status of a Mailman list short of posting to it? I maintain a list that’s very sporadic and I often wonder if it’s just quiet, or dead in the water.


We monitor the Mailman server as a whole for signs of mail not flowing properly. There’s not really any way to monitor an individual list. You could post from a moderated address so it wouldn’t actually go out to the list, but that also wouldn’t give you a full 100% test of the functionality.

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That makes sense. I thought about making a ‘list of one’ to test post to myself, but I figured there were too many variables to conclude much of anything one way or the other.

The actual complaint I get most often anyway seems to be “I’m not getting ALL the messages.” Other than “check your junk filters, read the archives, and wait” I’m never quite sure what to tell those folks.


That particular complaint is indeed difficult. If someone is getting some of the messages, Mailman itself is probably doing its job correctly! Spam filters and blocklists (to prevent spam and viruses) have made everything email-related so much more complicated.

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