Is it this simple to get hosting?

I have no coding experience in html or php and have no css skills. I had a wordpress accnt. but thought I would find some cooler template’s which I understand that in order to install and use them I would have to find a host and upload it. So I found dreamhost apps and it said that I could do that. So I found a wicked template and downloaded it and signed up at dreamhost apps website. Logged into wordpress via my dreamhost apps. I found where to upload the template > left options pane > appearance > templates, then manage templates, upload templates. I clicked upload and it say it needs my info like host name and username and password. I think I know what to put in those three input fields, however it says that it cannot connect to the ftp. Is that because dream host app’s is not really connecting or am I adding the wrong info? Or is it because it’s not really that easy and I need to edit the template and do some coding etc; before I upload it? Or does dream host apps (beta) even offer hosting? I don’t see any specs on dream host app’s website or when I log in, except that it offers free hosting and that a user is able to upload w.p templates. I do see a whole bunch of official looking specs’ at I have no budget which is why I signed up at dreamhost apps’ beta, thinking it would be really simple. Bottom line is I just would like to get this template which is so cool up and running. Any help would be awesome. Thanks.

Where does it say that you can upload templates to Apps? Free apps is a pre-installed and pre-configured setup that requires no maintenance, which means no changes as well.

Paid hosting gets you your own WP installation, where it’s really easy to install templates and plugins, thanks to WordPress’s built in template and plugin browser.


Hey, yea no, I meant not upload templates at dreamhost apps, but when I signed up at dreamhost apps and it gave me my wordpress, to get to my wordpress I get there through the dreamhost apps account manage area, then when I click manage wordpress and get into my wordpress upload the template there. It all seems so easy, but it says it keeps giving me error when I upload my template, maybe because I am inputting the wrong hostname etc;? Or can I even do it this easy with free hosting? What does all this mean … ?? I will get paid hosting if I have to, just thought it’d be easy like it says here to install theme’s. And I do notice that there is an actual upload template option as opposed to when I log in to my account, there’s no option for that, just the basic templates. So I know this wordpress accnt. through dreamhost apps is different in that aspect, and why would they give the option to upload template’s if you can’t use there hostname etc; like it appears to say?

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The “upload templates” is built-in to the software used to power your DH APPS WordPress installation, so it is in the dashboard but the fact is that DH APPS installations cannot do this, as you do not have access to the server where the template must be stored.

If you want to use/upload templates, you need a full DH account, not a DH APPS account.

You cannot do this with “free hosting” (DH APPS).

–DreamHost Tech Support