Is it possible to use a dynamic dns service?

Is it possible to use a dynamic dns hostname (like the one provided by dyndns or no-ip) so when is typed on browser it redirects to a shared account in dreamhost? I plan to use some web space from a friend, but I dont want to ask him to create a subdomain(because it’s not related with his websites in any manner), neither want to register a .com domain because I’m going to create a really beta webpage (the name can be changed in the future).

If it’s possible, what do I need to do to achieve this? Thanks!!

You can just as easily create an site. “” is a place for people without their own domain. No need for any registration. Just create a Fully Hosted domain.


This is pretty interesting, I didn’t know this possibility. Do you have more information about this method? How many subdomains can I have? If I “unregister” a subdomain in the future, does this subdomain become avaiable to others?

I’m planning in doing a test server for some projects, so I dont want search engines around this subdomain either. Putting a robots.txt in my server is all I need to prevent google from caching (Putting a robots.txt prevents google from even showing results in searchs for “”)?


PS: I found an entry in wiki:!

You can use .htaccess to prevent all spiders indexing your dev stuff.

eg. Deny from all except your IP (or partial IP by leaving out an octet or two):

order deny,allow deny from all allow from allow from 234.234.234.
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