Is it possible to redirect an unauthorized external Redirect to my domain

I recently found out someone has purchased and redirected a crude domain to my domain. While I realize there is no way to block this, is there a way I can redirect her redirect somewhere else, without compromising my website presence?

Thank you.

My first thought is “Great! Free links in!”.

Some domains (DreamHost included: have had to go through ambulance-chasers (lawyers) to thwart an apparent foe – only to get the relief of having the domain point to what they want it to.

If an enemy points a domain to your own and you haven’t even paid for an ambulance-chaser; then you are winning and there is no problem.

If you can see the referring domain in your server logs, then you can block that traffic.

However, as sXi alludes, I wouldn’t waist my time. Just enjoy the traffic. There is no negative outcome for you from a another domain 301ing to your domain. All ranking and indexing comes from the target page.

Now if they were linking to you, that could have a negative impact from Google. In that case you could disavow the referring site.

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