Is it possible to have separate cpanels for each of my domains


Hi, I want be able to have separate cpanel logins for each of my domains. Main reason is so Google does not recognize how many domains I own and they will all show up independently. I understand I have my master cpanel login to show me all of my account but I would like to separate them as well if possible. Can someone please help me with this? Thank you.



Dreamhost does not use cPanel. They created their own custom panel.

Establish separate Dreamhost accounts for each domain if you think that will give you the Google edge you want.


I think you might mean, “establish separate users on your single Dreamhost account”?



I don’t really think what user the account is hosted on at the panel or server level makes a bit of difference to google SEO, nor do I think they can detect that. What “might” factor, and I don’t think it factors in now nearly as much as it did years ago, is having a dedicated IP for each of your sites.

The big no-no is duplicate site content. (i.e. Site A and Site B have the same content, google will penalize that regardless of you trying to hide it with dedicated IP’s). Instead use 301 redirect for sites to send the user to one single site.