Is it possible to have Dreamhost not forward ssh.*.* with a fully hosted domain?

Good afternoon everyone. I’m a new Dreamhost shared webhosting customer and so far Dreamhost has been Awesome!!! I’ve used their domain and DNS service for my home server since July and it’s been working well (Aside from the 4hr DNS propagation…). However, due to my horrible upload speed at home, I decided to get a shared hosting plan and host my site here.

My question is, can I stop from auto-forwarding to my dreamhost box? I have a rule to forward every other subdomain to my no-ip free domain (which points to my home IP). In theory, if I remove the entry, I should be able to access my home box from that. I tried to find a way to remove it, but it looks like those are auto-populated when “Fully Hosted” is selected.


Support can edit the non-editable DNS entries.

That said, if i understand you correctly, you are making any subdomain point to your home IP, and i’m not sure why you would want to do that. If fact you are increasing the hackabilty factor of your home IP by doing so.

If I were you I would point something like at your home IP and that’s all… no more, no less.

First off, thanks for the reply; I’ll put a support ticket in to get that removed.

As for your response, I see your point. Forwarding all sub-domains would increase the odds of someone accessing my home server. While the services on my server are all on non-standard ports and I have various intrusion detection systems in place, it’s better to play it safe.

I’d still like to forward subdomains for specific services that I have running, but I’ll add specific ones instead of re-directing everything. The bottom line is, if someone wants to get in, they will =/.

On a side note, I’ve been running my server this way for over a year without any incidents. Let’s hope it stays that way =).

Thanks again,

Hey there SPARCpenguin,

Just noticed your submitted support ticket; Going to have someone on our team look into this for you now! Will update you once we have an answer for ya. Thanks!
…And he just emailed you! He went ahead and removed the ssh DNS records and the phpmyadmin
redirect for your domain. Hope that helps! Feel free to reply to his email directly if you have any questions. Thanks :slight_smile:

Awesome! I’m in no rush, so take your time.

Thanks again,