Is it possible to get a $97 discount?

is it possible to get a $97 discount with firstly registering dreamhost yearly L1? I plan to register it, is there a promote code can provide that?

Ken Zhao

I’ve seen them around. Try a google search, or wait a few hours and I’m sure people will be happy to post theirs.


thx, just wanna get a trusted promote code from here. not googling.

Ken Zhao

I may be wrong, but I doubt whether you will obtain a promo code from these forums for more than a $50 discount.

This seems to be the accepted figure for those posting here, but as Matttail said; you may be able to find better elsewhere.


Get $50 DreamHost Discount using promo code “SAVEFIFTY (Click For Details)

[quote]is it possible to get a $97 discount?


Yes, of course. I’m seriously considering publicizing it everywhere myself. Let me think about it. :wink:

Get [color=#CC0000]$50 Off[/color] with promo code DAYDREAM at

I had one… but eventually disabled it. My current one is a tad less, but better then the $50s

[color=#CC0000]Get $80 off[/color] with promo code BF80
See here what else you get!

You can use 97DREAM

Get [color=#CC0000]$97[/color] Off with promo code [color=#6600CC]97DREAM[/color] :cool:

I figured this would eventually happen. Now there’s no use to promo codes (for the poster). The “prisoner’s dilemna” theory holds true. Good job guys.

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Yeah, thanks David a.k.a. moua. Your third post ever, and already you’re making “friends”. What a community feeling.

I was under the impression that the $50 amount was an un-spoken agreement, to prevent unsightly promo code discount wars. :slight_smile:

Oh well, given time, this thread will vanish from the front page and things will return to normal.

Damn, by posting this I have helped this thread hang around just that little bit longer. :slight_smile:


Get $50 DreamHost Discount using promo code “SAVEFIFTY (Click For Details)

Sheesh, don’t let people thing that the reason anyone with a current DH account is in the forum is to help others. We wouldn’t want that, would we?

There should be a dedicated forum for codes and then they should be banned from .sigs. I came here to see if anyone else’s email has been as horrid as mine has.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Please use 97USD code instead, it does the same, and will never change.
I desactivated the older code, it was a mistake.

Get [color=#CC0000]$97[/color] Off with promo code :[color=#6600CC]97USD[/color] :cool: use “moua” as referer

TGB this forum has always been a microcosm of the Dreamhost universe, users and corporate all boiled down. Unfortunately, it still is.

things change

/end pessimistic lamentation


[quote]The more they stay the same.


If by the same you mean a massive influx of extremely basic questions, people fighting/competing over promo codes, database and mail performance issues without any information from the honchos, well I guess you’re right! I’d say the last year here has changed dramatically, the Dreamhost “experience” seems dumped.

I guess the pessimistic lamentational residue remains :wink:


Hey guys quick question – is it possible to renew with a $97 discount?


Unfortunately no. The promo codes are only for new customers.


Get $50 DreamHost Discount using promo code “SAVEFIFTY (Click For Details)