Is it possible to forward domain without hosting?

My hosting here on dreamhost, just finished and I’m wondering if its possible to redirect the domain to another site. I tried going through the wiki, but it doesnt make sense as there are none of the buttons/links that it says to click.
When i get to manage domains it lists [DNS] [add IP] [X] Registration:1 mon+ left. webhosting: none [Add Now] secure hosting: none [Add Now] email: 0 Addresses

this is my understanding.

should you do the redirect in another site, but not in DH?

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Leaving Dreamhost?

Why would we have instructions on doing that? I thought people just died. (and their allocations kept climbing and climbing until they own the whole server…)

Just kidding. Theoretically you should be able to use the “DNS” link on manage domains to point to the nameservers of your new host. (Basically use the directions that we use to point GoDaddy domains to DH servers, but backwards.)

Hope this is decent advice, if not, my name is rlparker.


[quote]Hope this is decent advice, if not, my name is rlparker.
HA! Nice, really nice! :slight_smile:


These forums are full of customers new.
Who sometimes get to post.
They always write of leaving but never really do.
No earthly mortal ever left this DreamHost.
They put them in the server room and seal it up with glue.
Then set the central heating high until they turn to toast.
If you should meet a user who says it isn’t true.
Quick turn your back or close your eyes, for you just met a ghost.


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