Is it possible to add DomainKey to hosted site?


I’m on the shared hosting (non-ded), just wondering if it is possible to add DomainKeys signatures to my domains. Adding spf records worked and would like to go ALL THE WAY!

I just don’t know the steps to go through, if it is possible. Log in to Shell and generate some keys, insert into DNS ??


I’m still unclear on this topic.


Contact support and ask?
I’d say no, but I haven’t really looked into it.

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How did you successfully add SPF records? DH’s previous attempt didn’t work.



v=spf1 a mx -all


Are you using Gmail for your domain’s mail system?



Clearly he is. You can add SPF records for your domain even if you aren’t using Gmail: You just have to set it up yourself. Support might tell you what you need to add if you ask, or they might not. I use something like:

But I haven’t spent a lot of time trying to refine it.

I tried to set up DomainKeys at one point, but I didn’t get very far: Most likely that speaks to the difficulty of the process or my own failings, rather than DreamHost’s setup.
Very little to do with either emus or farmers!


If I can work out how to generate a DomainKey record I will have to use Gmail as my outgoing email because it will lack the proper signing if I send through Dreamhost… I guess that could be a problem for PHP generated email, but this particular domain is only for HTML websites and email accounts - so it should be possible.


Support says DomainKeys can be set up in DNS - client side. But I guess you wont be able to send through Dreamhost unless the DomainKeys system can check out the IPs itself.

You’d probably have to only send email through a DomainKeys service such as Gmail… Which I will do, if I can work out how to create a Domain Key!!!


I found what to add to DNS TXT record, they don’t make it easy do they? God how I hate it when information is so hard to find!

I’d just like to take this opportunity to say that Yahoo! is stupid.

How to add DomainKeys to your DNS TXT record (How do I add domainkeys?)

This is a DNS TXT-record with the name “_domainkey” prefixed to the domain name - for example “”.

The data of this TXT-record contains the policy which is basically either “o=-” or “o=~”.
“o=-” means “all e-mails from this domain are signed”, and “o=~” means “some e-mails from this domain are signed”.
Additional fields for test (t), responsible e-mail address ®, and notes (n) may also be included - for example “o=-; n=some notes”.

The underscore is there to make sure it wont work as a real URL, on purpose.

In Dreamhost you click “Manage Domains”, then click DNS link near one of your domains.
Paste _domainkey into the Name field
Select TXT as the Type
Put o=- into the Value field. (or o=~ if only some are signed).
Put anything you want in the Comments field (its only seen by you)

Send email to to test your setup.
Also test DNS here since the Auth Check seems slow to update,