Is it possible to add a subdomain that looks different?



I searched subdomain topics, but I may not be typing in the correct keywords, or my question is something so simple, that even novices already know without asking! :slight_smile:

Is it possible for me to have a subdomain to my domain that looks and acts different? I have a blog up currently, but I’d like to add a subdomain that has photos and a chat box. So basically - it wll be very plain and not look like the blog at all.

Is it possible for me to create a subdomain that does this? So it would have a /subdomaintitle at the end of my normal address?

If so - where and how do I set this up?

Thank you to whoever rescues me!!!

Ok - I figured out how to add a subdomain! It exists now.

But now - how do I edit the content? Where do I put the html for that page?


When you login via SFTP you will see an additional folder (eg. sub.domain.tld)

Whack your files in that :wink:


Where do I login via SFTP? On the top of the dreamhost page, it says :

LoginPanel Webmail WebFTP

Am I to be clicking on the WebFTP portion?

Thanks fo much for your help!


Okkkk - I just tried doing another 1 click install and realized I could install another wordpress to the subdomain. I’m going to try from there. PHEW. This is hard for someone who doesn’t know anything about what they’re doing! :slight_smile:


The DreamHost Wiki has a lot of information and Step by Step instructions :wink: