Is it only a dream?

I signed an account with you, and I did receive the email confirming billing. But it is more than 24 hours now, and my account is still pending approval. It is not weekend, so I really doubt DH’s response and service! BTW, my account name is ivanzhao.

This is not an official support forum - mainly other customers in here. Check with support by clicking here to find out your status.


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It took a while for my account to be confirmed too. I paid via paypal. Don’t worry; it will be confirmed soon.

Same here. I signed up more than a day ago, got a payment confirmation and thats it!

No “welcome” email, No “what to do next” email, No explanation of what “pending approval” means, No quick response to my “Whats going on?” message to support, and now No explanation anywhere why the control panel and forums are barely loading this morning. Very unprofessional, even if it is the norm around here.

Hmm. That’s strange :frowning: I got my Account Approval Notification on the same day as the payment receipt.

The account approval notification contains a link to the Getting Started area of the knowledge base, tells you your ftp username and password, tells you the name servers to use (if you’re transferring a domain, which I was), tells you your web panel username and password, etc. It should be all you need. :slight_smile:

Another possibility is that they just have too many signups to process right now due to the recent changes they made to their hosting plans (when I signed up it wasn’t unlimited domains and 4800mb storage and all that)

Same here…
This is the second account I’ve had with Dreamhost. First time I had zero problems, but I just dropped a serious amount of money to pay for 2 years of hosting and haven’t gotten an account approval email or a response to the 2 inquiries I sent out. It’s been 2 days.

I also paid with PayPal.

This is shady. An explanation needs to be provided.

"Accounts setup using paypal need to be manually approved."
Expect a delay. They approved mine and things are now working the way they should.