Is it ok to run Kooboo Mail with a list of under 100 recipients?

Hi, I would like to use Kooboo Mail for under 100 recipients, which is free, on Dreamhost’s servers. Will this be allowed under the ToS given that all of my users are opt-ins and I don’t sent out spam mail?

I would like to use this solution over Dreamhost’s own bulk email software because of the features and the zero cost.


“KoobooMail is a web based email marketing and surveying tool. It is written using ASP.NET MVC with MSSQL and MongoDB.”

DreamHost servers are not running Microsoft Windows and IIS or the services mentioned above.

Announcement Lists are free and fully supported.

Thanks for the replies… I completely disregarded the fact that it requires .NET to work… -_-

I’ll check out the the announcement lists :wink: