Is it legal to put some CD Covers in DH?


thank you


I should imagine it is like most things. If you totally own the copyright or are licensed to do so then it should be.
Of course if DreamHost want to remove them for whatever reason then obviously they will. Especially if they are in bad taste. :slight_smile:



Not 100% sure but my guess is that depending on what you’re using it for, it’d likely fall under the fair use provisions of the copyright laws (for example, I had a site with book reviews and it was perfectly legal to put up thumbnail copies of the book covers). A good reference:


I have a music information related site, and I would like to share my cd covers to my visitors. Visitors can share their CD covers too. NO AUDIO FILES in any form.

what about this situation? Thanks


I think it will be best if you contacted DreamHost with some examples.
We are all just customers here. (Was that line in a song?) We could all say yes do it but of course DreamHost have the last say, so our answers would just be blowing in the wind…



It is perfectly legal to display music CD covers under fair use rules. For example, you can display them if you are writing a review about the CD, or just providing helpful information, or if you are selling the CD. Examples of where this happens include the Wikipedia, Amazon, and eBay. However, it is illegal to use the covers for other means, or to alter them in any way before displaying them.

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Maybe you should consult a real lawyer if you want legal advice. What you get here may not even be worth what you’re paying for it. Nobody here will go with you if you get sued.

You could probably alter covers for parody.