Is it just me?

Or should these guys change their name to NightmareHost?

For the past few weeks I have had problems with everything. Email, discussion lists, FTP, SSH, Web sites, really everything.

Problems every day with explanations of how the maintenance screwed up BUT not solutions is NOT what I expect for my money. Sure, DH has good excuses every time and they readily admit when they foo up but I really wish they would stop foo up all the time! After I made a complaint I got one month fee refunded. Big help that is.

My money, BTW, will start looking for a new web hosting company real soon now.


All my sites are down at this moment.

I sent system outage tracking, but got

2 mins 30 secs ago: Outage resolved: No server-wide problem was found.

No server wide problem? then what’s the problem???

So disappointed!

I’m not sure I’d go quite that far, but it does start to look that way, of late.

I try not to jump on the “let’s trash DH!” bandwagon, but now I’m wondering…

For months I’ve had bursts of watchdog notices telling me that my site is down… then back up. Usually in fairly short order.

I never seemed to have an issue with email until yesterday.

I was running some tests, generating email notifications that I was sending to my DH account… and access to the mail server was up & down like a yo-yo.

I couldn’t care less if the web interface to my email bounces at 3AM, but in the middle of an afternoon, when I’m trying to use it is a major issue.

What it all boils down to is it being there when you need it - I needed it yesterday and it just wasn’t there.

With a wasted afternoon like that, I, too, started thinking dark thoughts about DH.

I have a domain renewal coming up and I was planning to move the hosting over to DH, but I’m not so sure, now.

The problems that have afflicted quite a few people over the months finally slapped me in the face and, in light of what others are saying, gives me pause.

Sure… DH seems to be dealing with cascading issues, but the continual litanay of “this was the problem and we fixed it already” only to be followed up with Yet Another Issue, which turns out to be related to most of the previous issues gets old, mighty fast.

It seems to be taking much too long to get anything close to final resolution.

-A Usually Happy DH Customer Since 5/05

After cooling down a little bit I realized I forgot to mention that I have been a happy DH customer since Aug 2005, and have had very few problems.

It’s only these past few weeks that have been really nighmarish… and DH maintenance keeps telling they will fix things next week. Problem after problem.