Is it just me? FTP

On my old host, I got d/l speeds of 950 kbs and u/l of 130 kbs. On my new DH account I am only getting d/l 12 kbs and upload 8 kbs. ITS CRAZY SLOW

You might check to make sure you are using passive mode; that often help significantly! :wink:


They are going through passive. Could you be so kind and share your speeds? For comparison only.

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I average around 160KByte/s down and 25KB/s up on my server (‘Bixel’), but this is the limit of my ADSL connection (1.5Mbit/256Kbit).

When using wget to transfer files directly from fast servers to my DreamHost server I often see transfers in excess of 2Mbyte/s.


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Sure! I’ll share my numbers. I just completed a test with a 37MB file, and I got d/l speeds varying between 170 and 250 KB/s, averaging right around 200 KB/s and upload speeds averaging right around 75 KB/s via my adsl connection.


Lets compare that to internet speeds (as opposed to FTP), go to and test your speed

I get 12345 Download and 1023 upload

FTP Speeds

13-20 Downlod and 5-10 upload. Somethings not right.

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Gawd, I hate flash! :wink: . Here ya go…

3:53 AM GMT
dl = 3684 kb/s
ul = 632 kb/s
Latency = 602 ms (that kinda sucks!)
server = Los Angeles, CA


Won’t do flash. :slight_smile:

17 MB tar.gz file

Wget download: 402.45 KB/s

FTP Upload: 44.6 kB/s
FTP Download: 416.5 kB/s

SFTP Upload: 44.4KB/s
SFTP Download: 359.3KB/s

It’s an exhibition, not a competition. Please, no wagering. :slight_smile:

They need more support help.
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Server: ralphie

upload: 250 kByte/s
download: 200 kByte/s

However I’m on a wireless network and I have to cross the Atlantic ocean. I’m on a 100 Mbps Internet connection and I guess that my problem is probably the Atlantic cable.

wget download from a US server to DreamHost: 8 MByte/s.