Is it always this slow?

I’m having a hard time with the speed, or lack thereof, of my site. It takes about 30 seconds to load, and I’ve noticed another site that I know uses dreamhost has the same problem. I’m also having a hard time in the /admin section of my site, where it runs slower and slower to the point where I need to restart my computer, after being logged in for about 30 minutes. Is there something that I can do to speed things up?

There are a great many things that impact the speed with which your site loads, and most of them are not server related.

Where’s your site (url)? Pings? Traceroutes? What is your server load? What software are using (you mentioned “administering” your site)?

Some times when users report slow speeds, other users are able to get quite good results from the same site, other times the site software itself is responsible for the delays, and in other cases the server itself may be under a heavy load…

Things like inefficient MySQL queries, inefficient site design, tables that need indexing, and other users’ activity on your server can be the culprits.

There may be several things you can do to speed things up, and there may be some “tweaks” DreamHost can make to help also - it’s just really hard to tell what the situation may be with no more information than you have given.

Providing a URL to your site would be a good place to start, so that others here could visit the site, check what is happening, view code, etc. :wink:


Thanks! is my site. What I’ve been doing is logging into my site /admin to make changes etc. This is where things slow down. I haven’t installed anything other than zencart at this point, and I haven’t even added any graphics/images or anything, I’m really just getting started. I’m also brand new to all of this, so I appreciate your kind assistance!

No problem, but I hate to be the one to tell you that your site comes up, and operates, fine for me.

The first page completes loading in about 1.5 seconds, and the other pages are maybe 1-3 seconds (which is not at all unusual for zencart.)

I suspect maybe you are having either computer, or ISP issues. What computer OS, and browser, are you using, and what is your connection speed?

Have you run any pings, or traceroutes against your sites? If so, pasting your results into a message may reveal something.

You may also be experiencing a “slowdown” on your computer for any number of reasons as your browser loads, and reloads numerous pages in the admin section.

Does the speed get better immediately after you clear your browser cache and reboot your computer, only to degrade over time while you are using the zencart admin? If so, it is far more likely to be a computer problem on your end than it is with the server.


Are you saying that your site itself is slow or just the administrative pages of Zen Cart?

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OK I’m actually glad to hear that it’s probably my computer. I can fix that! And, I’m glad to know that others probably don’t have the same slow loading I have.


Both are slow for me, but the admin pages of zencart seem to make my computer run slower and slower and slower, when I reboot the computer then it runs fine again. I don’t have problems with any other sites I visit, including eBay, although I used to have a terrible time there too.

Hmm. It’s unusual that you have to restart your computer. Restarting just your browser doesn’t work?

Maybe you just need more memory?

Maybe I just need to keep quiet. :slight_smile:

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Help me in the quest to convince my husband that our 12 year old pc needs to go. I’m lusting after a Mac.

I’m using firefox, and it’s set to dump all cookies etc when it’s closed. Yet, I need to go into IE properties and do it manually, and sometimes even that doesn’t work. I honestly don’t mind any suggestions or recommendations. As I said I’m fairly new to all of this!

Speed seems fine here… Are you using DSL/Cable? I would also mention, if you have had your computer 12 years…A new one would probably be a very good investment. Good luck :slight_smile:

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I know you’re lusting after a Mac (and who isn’t), but do you think he’d go for a $320 Dell PC with Windows Vista Home Edition?

Just trying to get something in below your husband’s level of resistance…

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Sure! Just tell him that “the combined and collective wisdom of the DH Discussion Forums wizards” politely pointed out that they can use your site just fine, while the longer you stay online, the lousier your experience gets. :wink:

Tell him that “one guy” (me) often uses an “old” computer (six years old), but that he at least is using Windows98SE, with 1 GB of ram and a reasonably fast processor. Your 12 year old computer probably can’t take much additional RAM.

Point out that you really want to use FireFox (or safari on your new Mac!) for safety reasons (fewer exploits and virii vectors), that you need significant memory to do that, and that FireFox 3 will not even support anything older than XP.

Wind it all up by telling him what a good wife you are, and that you don’t ask for much, but that you really want to help with the family finances by making your zencart a success so you can both enjoy more goodies in life.

Heh…it would work on me :wink: Good Luck!


Oh yeah! I forgot that you’re doing a ZenCart e-commerce site.

Let him know that the new computer will be tax deductible! That takes 20%-50% off of its price right there! Now we’re down to $160-$256 for the cheap Dell.

And just imagine, if you get a nice Mac, you’ll save even more money! :wink:

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