Is it always this hard to sign up

I tried signing up a couple of days ago, paying with a cc, and all seemed fine. I got an initial welcome message, and my username/password got me into the panel, which indicated my account was ‘pending approval’.

36 hours later, still pending, I sent a polite ticket, just checking if everything was OK. I had a quick reply, saying that I “did not purchase service during sign-up”, so I had to try again.

I tried again, but when I input my cc details, the sign up form refused my sign-up, saying ‘CARD ALREADY IN
SYSTEM. YOU MUST USE A NEW CARD.’ I assume that means my initial sign-up had gone through, but something has gone wrong at their end. So Dreamhost have my cc details, but don’t seem to be doing anything with them.

I’ve added a couple more support tickets, bumping up the priority a bit, but still ‘account pending’ and no response.

Can it really be this difficult just to sign up?

Hi noisyjazzman.

If you already received an email indicating that you have made payment, you do not need to make payment again.

It takes some time to approve a new account. We don’t understand how they work. But it seems they are very careful with credit card fraud.

I’ll suggest you to wait for few more days. If the account is still not approved. contact them in DH panel --> Support --> Contact Support and attach your receipt. Or you can tell them
SYSTEM][/b] That means they already captured your card.

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I don’t really mind the process taking a while. It’s just that I’m not convinced that the sign-up process is actually working properly in my case. They haven’t charged my CC yet (no receipt received), but they do have my CC details (as per my previous post).

It’s a bit frustrating that support told me to try signing up again, but their own sign-up system won’t let me! I guess I’ll just have to explain the situation to them again in another support ticket, and see how it goes. Cheers.

I think they mis-understand you.

Since you saw the message “card already in system”, I can assure that you have made payment.

Just explain to them and chase them to approve your account ASAP


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Will do. Thanks.

This is not always the case. Sometimes there is a problem during the sign-up process, for example the customer might enter the wrong security code for the credit-card, and the application fails. However, the credit-card is still ‘remembered’ by the system, resulting in the dreaded ‘card already in system’ error. In such cases the only option is to contact support and have them remove the credit-card from the system, then retry the sign-up process.


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I have had a similar problem. I signed up almost 48 hours ago via a paypal account. I was charged instantly after signing up and I am still pending approval. It says wait 1 business day and I have. I am anxious to use my account how much longer am I expected to wait?

You could lodge a support request via the Support -> Contact Support section of the panel, they might be able to speed up the process for you. The contact support link is right at the bottom of this panel page.

You should be able to log-in to the panel using the email address and password you specified during the sign-up process.


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FWIW, there was a problem with my sign-up – the first POST to the sign-up form had broken, and going through a second time created a different account. So there were two accounts, only one of which had my CC details linked, and I had been trying to log into the wrong one.

Once we had figured this out, Dreamhost support were very responsive and helpful.

After playing around for a bit now, I’m pretty amazed at the facilities available for the low price. So far so good.

Amazing isn’t it?