Is GMail Faster Than Webmail?

I have been using Webmail for years. Although it works well and I like it in general, it is very slow.

Is GMail significantly faster?

I don’t which to switch (copy e-mails, etc.) and discover that nothing is faster.

Webmail is an interface. You can see it as a email client like outlook express. Whether or not it is a good depends on the email server performance (whether email is delivered on time. the number of email it is able to deliver per hour. etc). And we can trust Google :stuck_out_tongue:

My understanding is that switching to GMail as a Dreamhost customer moves your e-mail service to GMail (Google) servers as well. Is this true?

If that statement is true, I am really asking if the GMail servers are faster than the Dreamhost servers.

I have a large number of archived e-mail messages stored on the Dreamhost server. I suspect the delay is related to the presence of the large number of messages and how they are handled.

I have read elsewhere that Webmail is actually “processing” all of the archived messages every time you start and that doing so contributes to its associated delays.

If you switch your e-mail services to GMail the messages that were already sent to DH servers are not going to transfer. They will remain where they are. Its just that any new messages will be sent to GMail.

Yes, you are correct. If you switch to GMail, you will be using GMail server.

You will want to do some more digging on performance. I’ll suggest you to create two subdomains. One has email server hosted in DH. The other has email server hosted in GMail. Send some test emails and look at the email message header. This will give you a good idea how long each hop is taking.

I have read about the process of transferring all of my existing messages to GMail. It will take some work, but should result in a total transfer of my e-mail history to GMail.[hr]

Thanks for the suggestion.

The primary problem with Webmail is the slow speed at which Webmail responds to actions - opening a message, deleting messages, moving messages, etc. This has nothing to do with the speed at which messages are delivered as indicated by hop times. Its all about how the collection of e-mail messages is handled.

I wish to know if GMail is faster at manipulating a large history of e-mail messages.

I think the manipulation of your messages would be faster. Have you used GMail before? There is no such thing as folders. Instead messages have to be assigned labels. There is an All mail folder that has everything in it, no matter which label the messages have. Basically it gives you different ways of sorting messages. You can even assign multiple labels to messages. Its takes getting use to but I feel it is much better than what you would normally be use to as far as categorizing e-mails.

Thanks for the information.

Yes, I have used GMail to a limited extent and have some experience with GMail’s labels. I like the concept.

I am simply concerned that GMail may become just as slow as Webmail once I have 500 or so messages.

It doesn’t. :slight_smile: I’ve got over 100,000 messages in my GMail account (still only 25% full, though!), and I haven’t noticed any significant slowdowns.

Great! This is what I needed to know.

I plan to make the switch this weekend.

I haven’t experienced Webmail. But I find GMail more efficient and effective especially in document sharing. The storage has bigger capacity, so I don’t need to worry about my mails.

I’m a satisfied GMail user.

Yes, I’ve been using GMail for about a month now and it works great!

It is very fast, has plenty of storage space, allows larger attachments than webmail, and supports meeting invites. In the past, I was unable to accept meeting invites, but now I do so and automatically see the entry in the integrated calendar. Its very cool.

I’m grateful that Dreamhost supports easy transition to GMail.

Most of us (even on other host) uses Gmail (Google Apps) form email. It is better option. But They will limit max no of users to 10 from May 10th. So signup soon and reserve 25 User accounts. Visit for details

Yes, I will be grandfathered when the change is made. In fact, I am limited to 50 users - plenty for my purposes.

The good news is that you can have more than 10, 25, or 50 users. It simply isn’t free when you hit your limit. I don’t have pricing, but it may still be an economical option. I assume Google is looking to charge businesses and large organizations for providing GMail services.