Is Gmail affected if I move a site from one DH account to another?


I have a Wordpress site (and domain) on one DH account that I need to move to a different DH account. I’m pretty sure I know how to do that thanks to the Wiki - but will it screw up the Gmail account associated with the domain?

I’m thinking all the mail in the Gmail account will stay there and not disappear, but I am hoping for reassurance that all will be OK. Backing up a Gmail account’s data is difficult to understand or I’d do that as a precaution. Just don’t want to lose the customer’s emails in the transition!



No — as long as the domain is still set up to use Google Apps once it’s switched over, Google won’t notice any difference.


Thanks! :smiley:


Just to be sure, keep an eye on your DNS entries on the current site, and then on the new site. There should be a handful of entries that point to Google.