Is everyone else down?

Is everyone else having site outages?

My sites, webmail, and even my web panel are out.

Everything is working fine for me.

mines are fine as well. You may want to contact support then.

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Everything is back up, but I had a couple hours where things just weren’t right.

Okay, great! Just when I said everything is fine, ALL my sites are now down!! HELP!!

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Sorry you’re having outage trouble, too. At least it confirms that I’m not going crazy.

I checked my web panel and it said that I had 100% uptime (day, week, and month) for all services on the domains in question. All of Sunday WAS taken into calculation in the statistic.

I’ve fired off a message to support asking them what gives and I’m really looking forward to a response.

I can deal with a hiccup in my service (although I’ve had other hiccups in the past), but to be told my my host that there have been no problems IS a problem.

We did do a bunch of quick reboots on virtually all user machines for a kernel upgrade. Not directly related to the recent Debian upgrades.

We’ve since noticed some weird NFS problems (well not so much problems as a dramatic increase in the number of operations per second on our disk arrays) with the new kernel, and rolled back to an older kernel on some machines. We do try to test stuff as much as possible, but some things just don’t show up in testing.

I got a pretty prompt response from Support this afternoon.

They said they know their uptime statistics are bad and that they’re working to develop a new system.