Is dreamhost supports or not?

Is dreamhost supports or not…??
or whether it requires some extra payment for asp or services…
If not then please tell me some other server(may be partner of dreamhost)
please tell me it’s urgent…

Please read the responses you have received in your other thread. You said it was “urgent”, and two of us already responded to you…there is no need for this “double posting”. :wink:


A simple search would have given the information faster than posting a message.

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Here is the other thread for this crosspost.

BTW, though I do agree that it’s good practice to do a simple search and I certainly think crossposting should be discouraged, I think we should continue to answer people’s questions here and be friendly.

Every forum is different but I know that the sponsors of another forum I read regularly have requested that forum regulars not just answer questions with “do a search”.

I know it’s frustrating to many to keep answering the same questions over and over, but I imagine that Dreamhost would like us to be as friendly as possible to their prospective customers. That is not to say that we should be one-sided in our recommendations, but rather that we treat newbies as honored guests of our hosts here.

Just an opinion. FWIW I also think a gentle suggestion about doing a search next time is acceptable.

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Yes, I agree with Lensman. Not everyone use to that ‘best practice’.

I have an idea, like other forums they have a static posting in forum reader title “Read Before Posting” that contains any “best practices” before beginner posting here :wink:

But, hey… like Lensman, we just can be nice to our peers and just keep posting, right ? :wink:


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I thought we’d do best by having the meta-discussion over in this thread in the Offtopic forum.

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