Is DreamHost right for us?

We’re a small web design and development company, with several clients we host. We haven’t had any downtime or major problems with our current hosts, but are looking to decrease our hosting costs and would prefer a company with a more “personal feel”…which is why we’re considering DreamHost.

We’d love to hear from current DreamHost customers. Do any of you have similar needs? Would you recommend DreamHost to us?

Thanks :slight_smile:



I highly recommend DreamHost! They are insanely friendly, and they’ve always responded quickly to any support questions I’ve had. Plus, I actually enjoy reading their monthly newsletter. :slight_smile:

I get the feeling that DreamHost was started by people who weren’t satisfied with what was out there and wanted to start a web hosting company that they themselves would want to subscribe to.

BTW, that response was from me. I wasn’t logged in at the time…

Thanks for the response! We’ve decided to go ahead and sign up.

you’ve made a good choice…dreamhost is extrememly solid and yes, “insanely” friendly! You wont regret it.

I know many feel that DreamHost is great; on the other hand, we have had trouble with them.

We are a business, and operate as a business and I’m not sure DreamHost is a real business or are prepared to work with real businesses.

  1. We bought a full year of the Code Monster plan a couple of months ago, back when it a $400 plus and they have not bothered to credit our accounted at all.

  2. We purchased the Code Monster primarily because we wanted phone support… just in case we needed it.

  3. Our server has been going down or having problems a lot lately ( a couple of times a week in some cases ).

  4. I sent in a support ticket requesting a return call because of the server problem and the billing thing.

  5. They evidently tried to call us in the evening, again we are a business on EST, and they could not even get through to our office or after hour voicemail because they block their caller id – and we don’t allow caller id blocks into our office… and you shouldn’t either. Read the latest FCC rulings.

  6. I did a little investigation and found out that DreamHost is not even listed in CA as a business, or a business with a business phone number. Also did a reverse lookup, based on their fax… it not list as a business number in CA.

  7. I went to WhoIS and found a phone number with a Dallas Bethune listed. I called that number and it is nothing but VM… even if you opt for the operator or spell name feature. I have left 3 messages for Dallas Bethune… he has not ever called be back.

  8. I responded to an email from someone by the name of John, giving him my cell phone number as well… I have not heard from him either.

So, buyers beware.

I think that for the person who’s just throwing up a bunch of sites… DreamHost is probably fine.

But, if your site is mission critical… your lifeblood – I’m not so sure I would chose them now.

I’m still wait to hear back from someone.

why don’t you keep it to a single thread


Dreamhost is censoring these posts, it seems, to remove anything which critical of the company

There was an interesting thread which had some critical comments which did seem to have some validity

And lo and behold, the whole thread has been purged,
even though we felt we had somethig useful to add to it

This does not bode well if the company shows this blatent lack of integrity


I bet if you’d search a little harder you’d find what you’re looking for, I’ve never seen them censor on the grounds you say.

There’s a “Show Threads” dropdown at the top of each forum that allows you to pick the threshold of dates from which to show the threads, maybe give that a tweak and look in all forums, or do a search.

I just looked for a thread that was here yesterday I think, the only thread I recall ever being censored in any way here (shut down in fact) and it’s indeed gone. I don’t have a problem with that however as it was incoherent ramblings, a personal attack on someone, and involved pedophelia or somesuch. Many reasons to shut that one down I reckon, and none related to their reputation (as the referenced site was not there when I looked, confusing all round and served no purpose from my point of view).


Yes, that was the thread.

It did have some stuff about pedophilia, but we felt that it had validity and seemed to address serious allegations which we believe that Dreamhost should have adressed.

Dreamhost were wrong to just purge something they did not like.

This indicates cowardice, in our view.

Other threads also make reference to Dreamhost’s off-hand attitude and lack of professionalism, and to us that is a very real concern.

I think we will do business with a larger, more professional company like Verio.

It is just too risky for us to entrust our valuable data to Dreamhost, even though someone did recommend we take a look at them.


Your view is very narrow, I’d suggest you broaden it before you make such a stinging public assessment.

There is a history written on these very forums that supports the polar opposite. By making your statement here you’ve proven a strong character trait, in light of the available preexisting testimony: Foolishness. I don’t use that word lightly but how else can you describe someone that would make the judgement/attack that you have in a public forum that contadicts the evidence in front of your nose should you take the time to look at it.

That unpleasantness aside, good luck finding the perfect courageous host to fulfill your needs.


We have now had time to look at the website which Dreamhost is hosting, which that purged thread was complaining about -

This is clearly a race hate site, full of serious unsubstantiated allegations against this person, which we just can not take seriously. We can’t see a single good reason why Dreamhost carries a site like this, unless the guy has upset the company in some way himself. Even so, if Dreamhost is that vindictive, as perhaps they really are, then we would not wish to do business with them. We can’t see a major mainstream professional hosting company like Verio hosting a site like this.

Another site, Dreamhost hosts, which seems connected with the above site is, which is full of disgusting sexual photos of small boys being physically abused ie child pornography. The site owner, an Ianboy also carries a vitreolic tirade against this Gomeche person, yet Ianboy seems to be a key member of the
race hate site.

So what is actually going on then , Dreamhost?

We certainly do not want ourselves or our clients to be associated with a hosting company like Dreamhost which seems to endorse what appears to be some sort of race vendetta against individuals by a crowd of child abusers.



You are a 'Dreamhost enthusiast ’ according to your profile, so we would expect you to hotly defend Dreamhost and attack our opinions.

Why then did Dreamhost remove a critical thread which seems to involve a child pornography site which they host called

We find it rather like a brainwashed religious cult on here and we now see from GGoogle hat the Dreamhost boss is some New Age weirdo with some very strange ideas.

We would have therefore expected him to be very much against the type of hate sites and child porn sites which Dreamhost hosts.

I think we have seen enough of Dreamhost, thank you.

I expect that our critial postings will be censored or edited by Dreamhost too.

I wonder how many other postings have been edited by Dreamhost to remove or water-down the more serious complaints then?


I almost said something to the effect in my last post but refrained for some reason. But here I’ll say it: your posts smack of someone personally involved in whatever these sites pertain to. Like you have stock in it.

Clearly you put way more investigation time into the sites you referenced here than in the Dreamhost forums that you claim to have visited for the purposes of host investigation.?

I have the sinking feeling you’re not going away…


EDIT: slipped a post in on me, DH Enthusiast and the other monikers are assigned according to post count I believe. But, I am somewhat of an enthusiast, they’re a great host. They will shut down any illegal site as well. I there’s indeed child porn there, it will only last as long as the moment a DH employee finds out about it, they’re good about shutting down illegal stuff. As for moral judgements you’re right there, they prefer money to making those.

I think it’s clear from (many) past posts that we have no problem with people criticizing us or our services on this forum. Jeff and I generally take a fairly “hands-off” policy on the forum. For this reason, I did spend a good amount of time deciding what action to take here.

In this particular case, the poster was off-topic, was spewing incoherent and unsubstantiated garbage, and is a known net-kook who has been harassing us via other means for quite some time, and who has already been blocked from our support and abuse addresses. I don’t want to encourage him or her by allowing his / her posts to remain on our forum.

I will discuss this situation with Jeff on Monday. I will also talk with him about whether it’s appropriate to provide a brief summary of the background of this issue (if you read the rest of this thread, you may start to get a sense of the individuals involved).

I did leave the original thread (just locked it), until this person started posting similar / identical messages at the bottom of every thread in this section of the forum.

These people are more than welcome to vent their views in another forum.

Just for the record, these messages are posted from the IP: ( They (by some strange coincidence) have the exact same User-Agent string as an individual posting earlier from (a Tiscali dialup from the UK). Since appears to be a Linux box, my guess is that a certain person is using this box as a proxy.

Going to is also informative.

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