Is dreamhost right for me?

I am planning to launch a new website and I want to use dreamhost hosting.
As i have never used dreamhost hosting, iam a bit skeptical about their services. Because in past i have had some bad experiences with hosting providers.
With some i had server down issues, with other i had back up issues and many other.

Need your suggestions about dreamhost.

I believe most of us are happy dreamhosters. Don’t forget that DH has 97 days money back guarantee.

If your site doesn’t consume very much resources, it will be happily hosted on shared servers. If you need more resources, you can consider VPS which provides unique CPU and memory to your account.

Whether or not DH is for you depends on your requirements. If you are happy to host your site on shared server, DH is a good choice.

DH has downtime - if this is very important go find something else, more expensive. You can get an idea of how often on - just remember they have quite a lot of servers. As you see they are quite open about it.

On DH, and anywhere else, do your own backups. DH has a monthly total backup you can ask for, but you will typically need to backup more often.

DH is cheap for the services offered, but generally worth the money. But you can definitely get better and more expensive webhosting elsewhere.

I haven’t had downtime in months. And when I did, it was sporadic over the course of a week. Before that, it’d been many many months again. Since I’ve been moved to one of the new style servers, I haven’t had any downtime.

It seems that email isn’t their strong suit. It works very well for most, but I use Gmail mostly because of its excellent spam filtering.