Is Dreamhost Down? does not open for me at all. Have tried different computers, using firefox, IE, and Safari. The page won’t load… I can’t access my login screen or control panel.

My internet connection is fine… I’m able to open other sites.

It is down for us also, No e-mails working either. (3/14/2011 @ 111AM DST.)

please DH, put your status blog on a server which is hosted by another company – then we can find out what’s happening when there’s a problem with your servers and our sites go down!

Same here…our membership site is down and I can’t log into Dreamhost or access my account…no reply from support. This “Dream” is more like a nightmare!!

I hope something happens soon, these problems keep happening and It’s frustrating, esp. on a paid membership site!

Yes- I am going to expect some kind of compensation for my troubles. This was an inopportune time to experience an outage.

I think is what you are looking for, sort of.

They still link to, but at least you can see a general “it’s broke” sort of message.

DreamHost Status is, in fact, already on a server that’s outside our primary network. The magnitude of this outage was sufficient that it ended up getting swamped by traffic, though, and our initial focus was on dealing with the network outage itself, not getting the status blog back up.