Is DreamHost allow?

“There is a 60 day period of grace on renewals”

Can anyone tell me what do this mean?

I have a problem with my credit card at this time and cannot make new payment for this month. (I pay DreamHost monthly for my package). Can I wait to next month and make new payment for 2 months? Is DreamHost allow?

P/S: My package include free domain, is it effect to the active of my domain?

I believe that the 60 day grace period applies to accounts that are paid either 1 year or 2 years at a time (that is a “renewal” which is the term used for a longer subscription than month to month), but DH may actually allow some grace period on all accounts.

As this is just a customer-to-customer forum, and a wrong answer here could result in your account being suspended/terminated for non-payment, you really should address this question directly to DH via a support ticket!

Depending upon how long you have had your account, DH may be willing to allow you some extra time for the monthly payment (others have reported they have been very helpful on occasion in the past with temporary billing issues), but I’m sure a lot of that depends upon your history with them.


I do remember another poster asking for a translation of the terms and conditions of having their account in arrears and I do recall that there was a 60 day grace period for monthly customers as well.

I can’t recommend skipping a payment and paying double later. In general, you want to be known as an “on-time payer” with all your creditors.

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