IS dreamhost accept paypal


i am in trouble i want to join DH for Crazy Domain Insane plan.

I am from india and do not have CREDIT CARD or VISA CARD.And belongs to medium class family.I am 16 year old and want to help my parents economically. I just have a paypal account. I have some money which I got as donation on my free site at there which is enough to have account on DH.

And DH has allowed to use CHECKOUT of google but it also requires CREDIT CARD information.

As, paying through check from india to US is time taking and risky. I don’t want to use this option.

Please help me Is there any way to have DH through paypal account.


Open an account with regular process.
When it come to pay, write down your account number and ask dreamhost support to validate your account, tell them you wish to pay with paypal because it’s your only option.

However, you must have 18 normally…

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When I signed up I didn’t have to ask dreamhost to accept paypal I just chose the option Pay through Paypal on the payment screen.

So yes from personal experience Paypal isn’t a problem.

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From what we other customers comments and we’re just customers like you, it appears that payment options are based on your geographical location. There may be a reason why paypal is not available.

As others have suggested, contact dreamhost support and see if they can work something out with you.

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Correct. From the age section of the TOS:

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If you pay via Pay Pal does it act like a credit card, offering the 97 day money back guarantee?

Nope - the 97 day period is just for credit cards & Google checkout.

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