Is dream host down?


I cannot log onto my new wordpress website hosted with Dream Host. Are you guys down now? It is 9:40pm central time Jan 29, 2012
Thanks, Tina Rothe



above site is broke over here …
broke as well …


yep, down again… and i just paid for five extra years… the strange thing is that i have a single domain registered through DH and that site works fine. all other domains registered with namecheap and the likes don’t work. so it may be a strange DNS issue?

there sure has been a lot of downtime and security problems lately… i hope this is not the beginning of a trend.


Dreamhost hosts it elsewhere (linode) for this exact reason.


Seems pretty much everything should be up now. My dedicated server wasn’t caught in the weekend havoc, but stuff happens. My only criticism is that they were too trusting of the auto update process, and they learned a serious lesson many of us have confronted over the years.

It’s not so much that bad things happen. They do. It’s learning from the mistakes, and I gather they will be fare more cautious in deploying future system updates.