Is downtime always a problem?

I’ve been using Dreampress for less than a month and am already on my second downtime. The first time I was told that the only way to fix it is to contact support, which (a) is not 24/7 and (b) can take an awful long time.

Obviously this is totally unacceptable once, but twice in a month has me really, really hesitant to believe this service is worth the $20/mo.

Does anyone have an opinion on this, maybe someone who’s been w/ the service for longer than I have?

Support is 24/7. Where did you get the idea it was not?

It’s true that opening a ticket is slower than chat support.

As with anything WordPress, there are adjustments, testing and tuning required. The fact that your on the managed WordPress plan is good because you should get the help you need with that. Perhaps you choose a plugin that’s not compatible with the default configuration of Dreampress?

I don’t know the result or answer here, but since it’s Dreampress, I’d open a chat with support right away.

What caused the downtimes? I don’t recall seeing major downtimes for DreamPress on

As LakeRat said, DreamHost support is available 24/7, not sure what makes you think otherwise. Please share more details.