Is DH Support slower - now that there is a new system?

I have been a Dreamhost customer for many years. In the past, I’ve usually received a response within about an hour whenever I had a problem.

Today is a weekday (regular business hours). It’s not a national holiday, but maybe today is a DH holiday for the support staff?

I have tried several times to chat with DH support and it is chronically unavailable.

Because I couldn’t just chat to fix the problem, I posted my problem to Dreamhost support this morning (today is a Friday). Unfortunately, I have not received a response (5 hours later).

My problem is a simple one, I asked them to delete my htacess file, since I can’t for some reason. Why does this take more than 1 day?

I’m not used to Dreamhost support being this slow. There used to be a radio button that said, “Urgent! I need help immediately!”.

Now there’s just one speed with Dreamhost support and it is…
v…e…r…y… … … … .v…e…r…y… …v…e…r…y… … … … .v…e…r…y… …v…e…r…y… … …s… l… o… w…

What’s going on Dreamhost? Need a little help here.

How are you trying to delete this file? Are you getting an error message? If so, what is it?

If you can’t delete it, try to rename it. If you recently got some assistance from DreamHost they may have re-created your .htaccess under the ownership of root.

We had a company meeting today, so our support department was a little short-staffed this afternoon. Should be back to normal now.

Thanks for your responses. @kjodle & iahmed, previously, I was able to delete the .htaccess file using Cyberduck. But after changing users for the website, the file was no longer visible. I was in the process of re-creating the error just now, so I launched Cyberduck and I noticed a way to view hidden files under View > Show hidden files. Fortunately, I was able to delete the .htaccess this way and everything is fine now. @Andrew, thanks for the heads up. I will delete my DH support ticket.