Is DH support normally this slow?

I’ve only been a customer for a few days, but I was quite surpised that 25hrs later after submitting a question to support, I haven’t had a reply. I can’t create any new email addresses (when I click “create address” it just returns to the summary screen and everything I entered is blank. There is no other “Submit”, “save” or “continue” button, so I know I’m not using it incorrectly - it must be some problem in the configuration setup for my website. Since they doen’t seem to be answering email support is there any other way to get their attention? I submitted a second question, and I’d rather not quit (actually, I’ve been happy with BlueHost, and fairly satisfied with Lunarpages, but I thought I’d give Dreamhost a try) but I need to be able to use the features.

Any suggestions on how to escalate?



Their current open support request que has been fluctuating between 300 and 600. I’d wait 36 hours at least, but don’t submit another support request. That’ll just bog them down even further.

They finally got back to me; and because they’re in another time zone, he figured he had an hour to spare (how’s that for stellar service?)

Anyway, his advice/solution didn’t work; so I spelled back to him the step-by-step actions I went through, what I saw on the pages and the urls, so he could see that I followed it to the letter and it still didn’t work.

In any case, there are only a few steps to creating an email address; it is simply not working on my website.

And I’m out of patience. In addition to the many other posts from others documenting their slow response to problems, if they can’t fix it by mid day tomorrow, I’ll be posting my adios. I just signed up another website ( at and it looks like I’ll be moving over there, too.

What a waste of time this has been!

Thanks for responding! It’s a pity their staff didn’t reply as quickly!

JB - a DreamHost customer for less than a week.

Ouch, that’s one severe lack of patience. I am sorry you are not getting the omnipotent and personal support you desire.

[quote]I’ve only been a customer for a few days, but I was quite surpised that
25hrs later after submitting a question to support, I haven’t had a reply.


Don’t be. I had to wait over 4 days recently. :frowning:

[quote]I had to wait over 4 days recently. :frowning:


You mean for a first response, or a follow-up for the whole issue to be resolved? :: $7.95/mo for 2,400 MB Storage and 120 GB Bandwidth :: $99/mo for Pentium 4 (512 MB RAM, non Celeron) with Debian Linux and 500 GB Bandwidth

No omnipotence is required for a provider to simply respond within the period they promise.

It was for a followup the initial reponse, which was brush-off.

ID Subject Message Age
#956417 Re: Mail loss at mailbox chrisjj (1/1) 4 days 2 hours

But, no, it was not “for the whole issue to be resolved”. Even after I reopened the issue following the above ticket’s disappearence from the OPEN REQUESTS list without a reply, the issue was never resolved. :frowning:

Which frankly is staggering. I found a major security vuln in the DH mail system, showed them that messages were going missing outside the (limited) scope of ther logs, gave them hard evidence to back it up (including a diff of the same traffic between the affected mailbox and a shadow mailbox, unaffected), and they will not even look into it.

I still think DH are the nicest and smartest people I’ve ever encountered in the hosting business (and I’d pay three times as much for the feature set, if it all worked), but I am very disappointed they don’t take more interest in getting to work reliably the basics such as mail delivery.

And for my part, I’m sorry that you accept substandard service and shift the blame from the provider to the customer. It drives down the quality for everyone else when people do that. I’m just holding them accountable to the standards that they claimed to provide; and my “impatience” may be due to my experience of getting better service at other providers, notably BlueHost and LunarPages.

Have you guys been to Webhostingtalk forums yet? If you’re going to switch hosts, it might be a good idea to do a little bit of research on your prospective host. You could also contribute your experiences with DH and who knows, maybe they could shed light on what’s causing problems with DH – plenty of hosts with technical expertise mingle there. Though please do be civil.

Edit: I thought I’d contribute my observations about Lunarpages. While I’ve not been a client of theirs, one of the message boards I frequent is hosted on their servers. The board – and the site in general – seems to be going on-again-off-again quite a bit lately, so even they have their problems every now and then. Problems are bound to surface, no matter what host you’re with.

Quite true! But when you experience the “Off again” phase from the moment you sign up; it’s very off-putting!

I think, overall, for the money, is the best that I’ve tried (I’ve tried about a dozen over the past 7 years).

I’ll take at look at the webhosting forum.


Out of simple curiousity JBUSandUK, what browser are you using and what operating system?

Maybe someone else out there can help recreate your issues and maybe (being proactive here) help you out.

I have had some issues in the past with the web admin panel, and being on a macintosh.


I’ve been with DH for two years now and they’ve been the best of 6 providers I’ve tried. Excellent services, constant upgrades, good value, quick responses to support queries.

Just this month, things have gone to crap. I’m worried that something has changed with their company. I’m in too deep (13 sites) to just pick up and move without some serious consideration. My only problems thus far have been email, but when dealing with businesses, that’s a big one.