Is DH suitable for Joomla! hosting?

Hi! I’ve been a reseller for iPowerweb for almost 7 years now, and for the past couple of years, very reluctantly. They host not only my websites but a lot of my relative’s sites as well as friend’s.

Downtime and server issues are pretty frequent… there was even a server room fire not too long ago that destroyed a lot. Email is constantly hanging and timing out (and I’m talking about a problem years in the making) as well as the fact my POP mail doesn’t like their use of an accountsupport certificate for the email instead of a one. After purchasing an all-in-one package with hosting included, a year later everything broke up into multiple fees at different times of the year with expiring dates that were never passed onto me until the LAST minute. They changed registrars and all of a sudden expected me to manually contact the registrar THEY registered my name through to renew every year without notifying me, same thing with whois privacy and hosting. I would have 3 separate charges to my card for all three services on different days when originally everything was purchased as an all inclusive one fee a year package.

I recently moved one of my clients to Dotster (which is local) and it seemed promising- but I have had major issues with not only recovering a backed-up version of a running Joomla Virtuemart edition site (via Joomlapack) but also getting help once a functional error does occur (i.e; having permissions returned to us to CHMOD files took OVER a week after multiple tries at getting a hold of someone). They claim 24/7 support. Something on their server fatally conflicts with the Joomlapack scripts causing any and all permissions to be denied of the user to chmod files.

I was referred here from the WP website which I specifically went to to find a suggested OS CMS host. I’m a huge do-it-yourself’er and just would like a nice host-family to be a part of and feel like I’m able to suggest onto others and bring my clients to. Furthermore, I don’t expect ALL servers to be able to accomodate everyone’s needs- I just need realistic expectations. :slight_smile:

So, as this is not a harp on other hosts thread- my question is this:
Would creating an account here be a reproduction of similar issues or are my current issues isolated? I would like to find a host that can host multiple CMS platforms- WP, Joomla!, phpBB, etc. Is this a good choice or am I setting myself up for dissapointment? I need to move a bunch of websites off of Dotster and would like to tryout DH first to see if it would work- anyone have feedback on this? Thanks in advance!

-Jyn Meyer

“Does this smell like chloroform?”

Dreamhost is a very good host for any CMS. I would recommend using google apps (gmail) for email hosting as goggle is far more reliable than any web hosts’ email that I have used (sorry DH!) Dream host has one click installs of popular CMS software that is as easy as pie. Rather than go into full detail here, I have a page on my website that should answer most, if not all of your questions.

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Awesome! Thanks. I have a gmail account… and a googlewave account… Im pretty much a social network addict so, Ive got options. I just think that the people I work with like to be able to recieve pop mail with :slight_smile:

-Jyn Meyer

“Does this smell like chloroform?”

I should have been more clear. I mean you can have a free private gmail system for your domain.

For example, see my mail setup (POP/IMAP/webmail). Dreamhost can even set it up for you!

Dreamhost also has their own mail option, but Google’s is more reliable.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.

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It’s also worth mentioning that Gmail and Google Apps email are reputed to have spam filtering that is superior to that provided by any web host. It’s even better than the spam filtering provided by the dedicated spam filtering company that provides the service for the company I work for (and we pay big bucks for this service).

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I’m also a reseller and have many joomla websites. I would like to grow and maybe OWN my server (now renting).

But I’m not a professional. Not even programmer. My questions are:

  1. Will I easily find support if I have a bug, something goes wrong, and clients are unsatisfied because sites are down?

  2. Do bugs happen often? Because my business is NOT Internet yet…


  1. There are a few J! gurus here who can often help with any issues you may face.

  2. Not really. Joomla! is fairly robust in that respect.

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