Is DH for me?

I’m looking to transfer a decently sized phpBB site to DH’s servers. Here are some stats on the site:

Users: 8000+
Posts: 350,000+
Average users on at one time: 25
Daily Bandwidth: 1.5-3 GBs right now

Is DH fast enough for this site? Anyone out there with a site of similar size and can vouch for DH’s speed with a database of 300MB+?

If it helps, my webserver is on peso right now. I haven’t moved the site yet, I’m moving some smaller ones first to check out performance and stuff…

Thanks for any feedback!!!
Webmaster of

You can always sign up and see what it’s like for 91 days. If you do it before your old host runs out, you can always transfer back.
I’ve had no problems but some people (if you browse the forums) have had some problems. It’s fast enough for me, but I’m only using mine as a development server at the minute, nothing like your usage.

I moved over a dozen database driven sites to Dreamhost.
What used to be subsecond response (from a commercial host) went from 10 - 60+ seconds. Now most of my clients are demanding I fix this…

From what I hear, it depends what server you and your database end up on. From some of the messaging I’ve looked at, Dreamhost may have servers in both US and India. With “Bangladesh” in some of the routing I’ve seen, I can only guess I’m in India.

Bangladesh is a directory on one of their fileservers, not a location. User home directories are apparently mounted from one or more filers:

$ df | grep bangladesh 1102804624 884035196 218769428 81% /home/.bangladesh A funny, somewhat related story:

I used to work for Earthlink who, a number of years ago, named their production servers after countries. People who knew just enough to be dangerous sometimes expressed concern that the e-mail they received from their neighbor was routed through, say, Ireland. In actuality, Ireland was the name of one of our mail servers in California. Eventually, they were all renamed as birds instead of countries. There’s less chance of confusing people with names like “chicken” or “albatross”.