Is DH ever going to open up .ca domains?

I would looooove to transfer a .ca domain currently hosted in Canada over to DH, but would much prefer to switch the name registration too, just to keep things simple. Is this ever going to happen? Just curious.

I’m sure they would act as your registrar, if they were allowed.

The CIRA (Canadian Internet Registration Authority - ) has specific requirements for people who wish to have a .ca domain - not just anyone can have one.

There are Canadian Residence Requrements, which you can find here in PDF format -

In order to use a registrar for a .ca, they have to be verified by the CIRA. I’m not entirely sure what the criteria are to get verified, I’m betting that being a Canadian company is one.

The CIRA has conferences and such every now and then, all over the country; just for kicks I went to one, and it turned out to be really interesting. You also get to vote in the board elections.

What does it matter?

One, CIRA sucks. At the slightest bit of political pressure they can and WILL shut down your website, ala the Joe Volpe spoof site.

Two, they charge more.

But three, who cares? If you insist on using a .ca domain name, just register it elsewhere and point your DNS to DreamHost.

I really wish DH would get past CIRA being difficult and become a .ca registrar.

It matters because having to manage two accounts is more difficult than having to manage one, and I would really rather not use the competitors horrible interfaces and mess to deal with my domains.

I have to set up accounts for clients, clients do not need an additional set of login credentials and the confusion of managing a domain on another interface.

As for price, it’s like 5 bucks more a year per domain. That’s not worth worrying about. I really do think it’s high time DH took another look at .ca domains.

Our prayers have been answered!

.asia, .ca, .cn, .in, .ws,,,


I know right, finally.