Is DH always this bad?


I’ve been a customer for just over a month and I have very simple needs. No scripts, no APIs, no shopping carts… just plain old sites with some pictures. I already regret transferring my domain to DH.

I rarely do any kind of admin work on my site but in the short 5 weeks I’ve hosted here I’ve had multiple problems with the web panel. What really sucks is when you have problems with the panel you can’t ask for help from tech support because the panel is the only official way of requesting support!!

I’ve worked with 5 other hosting companies in the past and I can find a complaint for every one of them… but I don’t recall ever being unhappy with a host this quickly.

I’d like to know from other users if this is the norm or if I just happened to transfer my domain at a bad time!


Well, their own general purpose contact form is “reasonably official”, and you can always use that in a crunch. You were pointed to that when lensman responded to your first post. That said, I agree that there should be “another way”, as many users do not know about this form or don’t perceive it as being “official enough”. :wink:

If you are regretting changing to DreamHost, it’s actually a good thing that you figure that out early, as you will be well withing the “97 day guarantee” period.

As with so many things, YMMV - during the time you have had the problems I have a “clear sailing” and have been very happy with DreamHost’s service and uptime.

It’s always frustrating when something doesn’t work. The nice thing about a problem that prevents the panel from operating correctly is that DH is always aware of that situation almost immediately, since they use it themselves in administering accounts. As a result, Panel problems are usually resolved very quickly.



"Well, their own general purpose contact form is “reasonably official”, and you can always use that in a crunch. "

Yes, I actually used that before I ever put up that first post. The good thing is they got it - I saw it in my support history. The bad thing is I got no reply or verification that they got it until I was finally able to get back into the panel and see my support history.

Thanks for the response. I’m hoping I’ve just had a bit of bad luck and all will go well from here on out. On the surface all that DH offers is outstanding, and I like their corporate dedication to charitable endeavors. As I (hopefully) learn to create and grow a web presence I hope to take full advantage of all that they offer. But of course uptime - be it the panel, my site, support, or my email - is a bit of a big deal, too.