Is "Deleted Mail" folder the same as "old-messages"

The 12/15 announcement about mail auto-deletion mentions this:

[quote]we will be automating the deletion of mail in Spam, Trash, Junk and Deleted Mail folders that are older than 30 days[/quote] (emphasis mine)

What is the Deleted Mail folder? Is it, by any chance, the same as the “old-messages” folder?

In other words, are “old-messages” email folders in danger of having mail older than 30 days auto-deleted? (This would be catastrophic for me, BTW.)

No; it’s entirely separate. It’s effectively a synonym for the “Trash” folder, just like “Spam” and “Junk” are synonymous. Not all email software uses the same names for these folders.

“old-messages” will be left alone.

That’s a relief.