Is customer support still available?

I’m having an issue trying to get customer support. I can’t find a phone number to call and every time I click on “chat with an agent”, it says live chat is unavailable… In fact, live chat has been unavailable ALL day today. Finally, having no other option, I also submitted 2 tickets (the first of which was submitted almost 4 days ago now) and neither of them have been responded to. The website says that Dreamhost has top quality customer support that is very fast and available 24/7 so that help is always there when you need it… I have yet to experience this. Can someone please explain to me what is going on?

Yes, customer support is available via live chat and email (not via phone). Please be patient, and consider trying a new browser if it looks like live chat is not available: it should be there 24/7.

If you have questions that may be of interest to a general, consider asking here on the forums.

Do you have an active hosting plan on your account?

Those that don’t have hosting, have been suspended, or have account expiration issues probably won’t find chat available to them.

I have a pending account, it’s been 3 days now and still pending. I haven’t even been able to select a domain name yet because of the fact that it had the error when trying to use my credit card to pay… yet, on my account management page, I added a plan and it posted… When I click on contact support, the options are “Chat with an Agent” and “Submit a Ticket”, however “Request a Call Back” isn’t showing up. Every time I click on “Chat with an Agent”, it says “Sorry, live chat is unavailable at this time. Please submit a ticket or check back later.”

How many days does it take for an account to be approved? Also, are support ticket response times usually 4+ days, as has been with each of my tickets? The support emails say reponses are 24 hours or less. I guess it just seems unacceptable to me, in the past I have used Bluehost and my account was created instantly and support was resolved almost instantly (as they claimed). I keep giving Dreamhost the benefit of the doubt, telling myself that this must be a rare occurrence at a time where they must have had an unusually high number of tickets.

@Drewmvshs what’s your DreamHost ID? Feel free to send it via private message.


I would prefer a PM conversation, but it’s telling me I am not allowed to send private messages. Can you send me one? My user email is

Perfect, thanks. I removed your email from the forums … I will have our support staff check your request.

Well, I have been waiting since the 3rd to get support using tickets and live chat will never work. I just sent you an email describing my situation, i didn’t want to post it here as I think it would shine a negative light on Dreamhost… but hopefully you can read it and be better able to assist me or at least get it to someone who can. Thank you for your help.

OK, I think this has been solved… Let’s sum up what happened so that we don’t leave the spectators on the forums with suspense :slight_smile:

Drewmvshs first asked sales questions over the weekend (Friday, Feb 3), where he received partial answers. Then on Feb 6 he created the first account. Unfortunately the automatic Fraud Monitor at DreamHost blocked the approval of the account, kicking in the manual check. The manual confirmation at DreamHost usually takes 24h, and is not available over weekends and holidays.

One day later, on Feb 7 a colleague from DreamHost anti-Fraud team approved Drewmvshs account (which required creating a new account). Finally the issue was resolved, the account approved immediately.

So the main wait time in this case was for the presales questions asked over the weekend, while the account approval issue was solved between Feb 6 and 7.

The manual approval of accounts slows everybody down but the amount of fake credit cards circulating is incredible and unfortunately there aren’t many way around having to wait a few hours before completing registration. DreamHost team constantly improves the fraud detection mechanism to minimize false positives and tries to process manual account approvals within 24 hours, but at times it may take a bit more due to volumes (and not counting weekends/holidays).

I hope that from now on your experience with DreamHost is smooth. If you have general questions, feel free to ask here.

Well, there was a little more to it than that, but I’ll accept that description… only because if you, Smaffulli! One thing I will say confidently is that Smaffulli is the reason I am still here as a Dreamhost customer at all, he is an asset to this forum and Dreamhost. I just finished getting everything resolved, becoming much easier once live chat was available to me. Thanks again.

Thanks for the kind words Drewmvshs. I was just the front-end to work done by our Support team behind the scenes :slight_smile: Glad things got sorted out, hope to see you around for a long time.

I signed up approx 30 hours ago, and still see:

"Your account is pending!

The DreamHost account approvals team will get back to you shortly with details on your new account."

Chat support has been unavailable this entire time, and the support ticket feature is not working either.

Is there some kind of problem?

Would love some help

Not sure why they didn’t get to you yesterday. If you signup and the result is “account pending” it means that some of your information raised a flag that requires manual approval. (most common problem I think is using a credit card outside it’s country of origin) Normally manual approvals occur during business hours, west coast USA.

You can use this form to contact support (choose ‘other’ in the dropdown)

Thank you LakeRat. Unfortunately, I’m still waiting (2 days now). I already used the support form “other” twice. I’m thinking that I chose the wrong web hosting company :frowning:

We apologize for any delay in response! If you can supply us with the support ticket# (starting with a 7) or the email the ticket was submitted under, we can have our approvals team look into the status right away, Thanks!