Is cURL the best way to use the Announce List API with PHP?

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Hello, I am using the cURL (client URL library) in PHP to use the Announce API. It seems to be working just fine, but I should ask, is that the best way? Is there a better PHP-based approach?

P.S.: Is the “announcement” tag relevant for discussions of Announce lists, or does it mean something else here?


What is the Announce List API you’re talking about? /me confused

The announcement tag is used by DreamHost to broadcast announcements of new features, products, changes and similar things. I’ll investigate how to restrict its use only to moderators.


Here is the Dreamhost page on the Announce List API and their page on their API in general.

While you are looking up ways to restrict that tag, it would be great to get a tag for the API as well as one for Announce lists. :slight_smile:


Gotcha, thank you, now I understand! Those API are not supported by DreamHost

The following documentation is not officially supported by DreamHost. However, if you find any instructions in this article do not function as intended, it’s possible it may be out of date. When in doubt, please contact support for further assistance.

I have never played with them so I don’t have an answer to give you. Hopefully someone on the forums uses those API or you can ask support.


Haha, yeah, I have had unusually bad luck with that. Usually when I contact Dreamhost, I am the less informed one, but twice now, when I contacted support about the API (per their instructions), the first answer from them was objectively wrong. So, that route does not seem viable.

I guess no one on currently staff worked on the API or any API. I wonder if they would let a volunteer coder fix it for them…


In this case, I’m not surprised: those API being unsupported means that there is no formal training across all employees in Tech Support. New hires may not even know they exist. I know there are some people who are familiar with that code but it’s not a priority to maintain it.

I wish, right? Currently there is no mechanism for this to happen since that code is not public. But if you’re more than familiar with Perl you may send your CV and try to get hired :slight_smile:.


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